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Welcome to Whiparound Iphone repair training centre

We Train Specialist Repairers of iPhones and Gaming Consoles

Are you thinking about becoming a Certified Independent Repair Provider? If so, you are in the right place. We’ve outlined the process for becoming a specialist repair provider below. Afterward, you can work towards certification to repair iPhones and gaming consoles. These certifications will help you get paid to fix broken devices! Become a Certified Repair Provider Today! You’ll be in a position to help your friends and family.


Be certified to repair iPhones & Gaming Consoles

iPhone Repairs Course 100%
Xbox Repairs Course 100%
Sony Playstation Repair Course 100%
Diagnostic Course 100%

If you want to start a small business, it’s time to consider becoming certified to repair Apple products. The independent repair provider program is designed to help businesses perform repairs out of warranty, and allows Qualifying companies to access genuine Apple parts, service guides, diagnostics, and training to offer these services to consumers. If you’re thinking about starting your own video game repair business, you should consider being certified to repair gaming consoles. Becoming certified can give you the credentials and objective sense of accomplishment you need to succeed. Not only will it make you more credible as a technician, but it will also make your business more valuable to your customers. You should consider earning certification to ensure you’re not just copying someone else’s techniques.

Repair types

What will you learn?

How to Diagnose, Replace Broken Sscreens, Water Damage, Micro Soldering, Charging Ports and more.

Broken Screens
Water Damage
Micro Soldering
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